24 Hour Emergency Roofing

roof repairIf you’re in need of emergency roof repair, you can call us any time. We offer 24 hour roofing service for your convenience. You can fill out our quote form at the link below, or just give us a call for your emergency roofing needs!

roofing estimateWe all depend on our roofs to keep our home from damaging exterior influences (such as the weather and many other factors). Your roof keeps all of your things safe, including you and your family. So what’s a person to do in the middle of the night when hail or wind tears your roof apart? What should you do if a tree falls on your roof, causing severe damage?

Does it really qualify as emergency roofing repair?

emergency roofingWhen your roof gets damaged or compromised it can immediately let water into your home. This in turn can cause some pretty severe damage on multiple levels. The last thing you want to deal with is mold! So the first thing to get done is to place a quick cover over your roof to ensure that there isn’t any other kind of damage done to your home.

Often times when there’s severe weather, we’ll put an emergency cover over the damaged hole, or the damaged area until the bad weather passes. Once the bad weather is gone, we can really take a look at what damage has been done to properly assess the next action. We would then work with you on a more permanent repair for the situation.

When would I need a roof leak repair?

This is a very common request and chances are if you think you need it, you probably need it. In Franklin, we don’t always have the best weather. We also get lots of critters that like to come around. Among many things, these alone can cause you to need a roof leak repair.

Lightning has been known to blow holes in rooftops, raccoons and squirrels often chew holes in roofs, and severe wind can blow away shingles. Another common occurrence is tree branches that cause roof damage. Whatever the case is with your home, give us a call and we’ll be happy to work with you on your roof leak repair.

What happens when you call for emergency roofing?

This is important to know, because most homeowners will be frightened at the first sign of severe roof damage. Don’t panic, just know that this is what’s going to happen:
If you’re calling and there’s a storm happening, we have to wait for the storm the become less severe before we can do anything. As soon as we get the opportunity, we’ll come out and work on your home right away to try and prevent any further damage.
There isn’t too much that we can actually do during a lightning storm or when there’s heavy winds. Storms create a very dangerous environment for our workers, and we can’t afford to put people on your roof during a severe lightning storm.

Should you try to repair your own roof?

Definitely don’t try to repair your own roof. Roof repair is a very technical field and there is a lot of safety that goes into running a crew on a roof. Many homeowners get hurt every year from making attempts to do things to their roofs whether they’re putting up lights for the holidays or attempting their own repairs, etc.

Give Roofer Franklin a call about your emergency roofing needs. Our 24 hour roofing service was made for your convenience so that you could rest assured that you’re taken care of. We look forward to hearing from you soon!